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Related article: Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 10:57:40 +0800 From: Ben Ng Subject: The Big Game: After the Big Game 1Although Josh really wanted to move in with Ben after the big game, it wasn't that easy. They were still in rival schools, and it's already his senior year so there's no good reason to transfer. However, Josh couldn't get enough of Ben and the best thing he could do was to sneak in to Ben's dorm room whenever he could. He had to be careful though, because if the other football guys found him sneaking in, it wouldn't be pretty. But that's not going to stop Josh from trying.The first few times Ben invited Josh to his dorm, he made sure the coast was clear. After a while, their guard was down and they didn't really think the other guys were going to do anything to Preteen Little Nymphets Josh, but boy were they wrong. This day, a Friday afternoon, Josh rushed to Ben's dorm as soon as his classes finished. He knew Ben probably wouldn't be back yet, but he couldn't wait. He brought along some lube and thought he would just get himself ready while waiting for Ben in his room, to surprise him.Josh waited outside the dorm. Everything looked normal, and he pretended to follow a guy going in. He had his head down and sunglasses on, hoping no one would notice him. Just as he went past the lounge to go upstairs, someone noticed him and yelled, "Hey there! Are you looking for someone?""Er... I'm looking for Ben." Josh said nervously. This is the first time someone noticed him as he walked in, but it's also the first time Ben's not with him."He's not back yet." The burly guy replied."I know. I'll wait in his room.""Ok. You know where his room is, right?""Yeah, thanks." Josh felt relieved. That wasn't so bad. Perhaps he didn't need to worry after all.As Josh rounded the corner and proceeded upstairs, the guy yelled, "Wait! Do I know you? I think I recognize you from somewhere."Shit, Josh thought, I better get out of here quickly. "No, I don't think so." Josh said as he hurried up the stairs."You are that linebacker from the Bruin team! What the hell are you doing here?" The burly guy, Mike, one of the Trojan football guys, recognized Josh. He quickly chased after Josh while calling for his buddies for backup. These football guys take their rivalry very seriously. If the other team is here, there is only one purpose: to sabotage them. They are not going to let Josh get away. In a very short time all the football guys in the dorm surrounded Josh and cut off his escape route."Hey guys, relax. I'm only visiting Ben. He's my friend, ok?" Josh explained."Yeah, right. He's not even here. You are up to something.""Look, when Ben gets back, he can explain everything. If you don't trust me, we can wait until he gets back, or I can just come back later.""Yeah, you think we will just let you go? You came to our territory. That's a big mistake. Remember what you did to Ben when he went to your school?""That was ages ago, and you guys had your revenge. The game's over. You won. There's no point in sabotaging you.""I don't care why you are here, but you are not going to get away so easily.""What the hell do you want?""Let's tie him up first, then we'll decide." Mike ordered the other guys to get a rope and tie Josh up. Very soon Josh was in the recreation room, tied up, and his backpack was searched."Look what we got here!" Mike exclaimed, clearly excited about what he found. "It's lube!" The other guys started laughing and teasing Josh."He's not here to sabotage us. He's here to get fucked!" Everyone was laughing so hard. Josh blushed. After their public display of fucking in the locker room in front of two entire football teams, it's not hard to relate to why Josh is here looking for Ben, with lube in his backpack."This little slut can't get enough of cock in his ass! Well since Ben is not here, why don't we give him some love?" As Mike said this, he started tearing away Josh's clothes.Oh shit, this is bad, Josh thought. This is worse than he imagined. He's going to Preteen Little Nymphets be raped by his rival team. "No! Stop it! You guys want to go to jail for raping me?""Not if you want it! You are looking to get fucked, right? We are giving you what you want!" He continued to strip Josh. By now, Josh was stark naked. He felt so vulnerable. He started to understand what Ben must have felt like the night he was caught by the Bruins.Mike bent Josh over the pool table, spread his legs, and applied some of the lube Josh brought. "This guy is serious. He's going to rape me right here!" Josh thought. He panicked."Are you really going to rape him?" The other guys were concerned too."Hell, yeah! He wants to be fucked and he will be!" Mike started taking off his pants and underwear. His cock was already rock hard, and it looked to be eight inches long."Damn! This is going to hurt!" Josh thought to himself. He was desperately hoping Ben to be back. Just as Mike was going to enter him, his prayer was answered."What the hell do you think you are doing?!" Ben yelled from outside."Oh, you weren't here so we are giving your boyfriend some love!""You mean you are attempting to rape him?""He came here to get fucked, and Preteen Little Nymphets he's going to get it.""Not from you! Now get away from him!""And who are you to command me?""I'm the captain of the team and I'm going to kick your ass if you don't back away from him, RIGHT NOW!" Ben was furious."Not before I've had my fun with him!" He had his cock out and was about to fuck Josh. Now he's so horny he can't stop. If he's in his right mind, he wouldn't be fighting with Ben. He just didn't want to back down now, as he'd seem to be a chicken.Ben couldn't hold himself any longer. He lunged ag
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